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Imagine that your launch is just around the corner and the alligators are nipping… But instead of feeling exhausted by your work day, you have all the vitality you need to bring your A Game – not just to your business, but to your whole life.

Imagine feeling satisfied, connected with yourself and those you love, sleeping well and waking up refreshed with the enthusiasm and stamina to take on your next challenge.

When you run your own business, it can seem as though it takes everything you’ve got and that your loved ones, your health or your very sanity are always taking a backseat as you go from one time crunch to another.

The thing is, when we’re out of balance, we all make choices that snowball toward greater imbalance. You know you should eat better, get more exercise and get to bed on time so you can show up for yourself and those around you, but it seems impossible to know what to do first, let alone make it all happen.

Wouldn’t it be nice to feel like you were on top of things?

I was a creative powerhouse with a zest for life, until I ran into a debilitating road block. I used to LOVE running. I felt so amazing during track season when I was full of energy, training twice every day – until it all came crashing in when I contracted the mono virus.

I was totally depleted for over a decade with chronic fatigue, food sensitivities, depression, insomnia and a host of repetitive strain injuries. My health problems prevented me from exercising, and seriously hampered the career I was building as a professional musician.

It was devastating.

As I developed my Lifestyle Toolkit, I regained ALL the strength & vitality I had before I got sick over 2 decades earlier, using extensive Yoga and Ayurveda training. The small, simple steps I take each day to care for myself allow me to throw myself wholeheartedly into my purpose. The best part is, when I have the opportunity to step away from my mission, I have energy left over to enjoy time in the outdoors with friends & family. Now, I’m so healthy that even close friends forget that I’m 50!

The best part is, at last, I’ve realized my dream of recording my original compositions in the flamenco style. I’m really proud of my award-winning debut album. Without fully recovering my vitality, meeting the physical, mental and emotional demands of this huge undertaking would have been impossible. I did it! So can you…

Do you want to access your highest level of vitality and stamina so you can go after YOUR big dreams without giving up on your personal life?

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