If your tummy ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy …

Did you know that the majority of physical symptoms, major or minor, start in your gut? So, if you’re having gut symptoms, it’s only a matter of time before the rest of your body starts ‘talking back’ to you. The Happy Tummy series will help you get to the bottom of your tummy troubles in no time.

The Gutsy Lifestyle Starter

This 3-session 1:1 deep-dive includes:

  • A short list of foods that are likely to agree with your Type without having to do an elimination diet
  • Detailed guidance on using the 6 Tastes of Ayurveda, how to prepare and flavour the  foods on your list
  • Lifestyle practices to improve your digestion
  • A 30-minute follow-up after 2 weeks to tweak, maybe even start expanding your foods list!

       $997 + gst

The Gutsy Lifestyle Comprehensive  12-Week online course 

Intro:     Wiring Yourself for Joy  –  so that you’re free to eat what your body REALLY wants  

Module 1:     Emotions, Food and Your Tummy
Module 2:     What to take out: Clearing out what’s unhelpful and using helpful foods to handle cravings 

BONUS:     15 min yoga practice for digestion

Module 3:     Healing the gut lining  

Midterm    Q & A Call  

Module 4:     Becoming a Good Host for a Healthy Microbiome
Module 5:     Restoring balance  


  • Food stress: How to eat well without ditching your social life
  • How to effectively integrate foods back into your diet
  • Trusting your gut  

Final Q & A Call

Includes: Interactive Food & Mood Journal – so that you can track what’s working and what isn’t

 VIP:     Includes Group Course + 3 additional  1:1  sessions  –   $2497 

Group Course Only:      $1497

“When I started working with Holly, I’d been diagnosed with IBS that was turning into Crohn’s disease. Now, I’m enjoying so many foods I never liked in the past, and I’m feeling great. I just came back from a camping trip where, for the first time, I didn’t spend the weekend in the outhouse.”

Zea Tejada-O'Reilly

“I started to feel good very quickly, don’t feel acidic anymore (even when I have indulged). The course Intro inspired me right from the start to have more fun and my body responded with a BIG thank you! Every call video gave a lot of insight and calmed me down, when I was getting too hard on myself.”

Elerin Sahtel

“I’d been struggling with Candida for quite some time. After 5 weeks, my joint pain has improved to the point where I can exercise, my eczema is half of what it was, I haven’t had a migraine in weeks and my weight is releasing. I’m feeling so much better! I’m motivated to keep it up now that the course is over because the food plan Holly gave me is so easy to follow.”

Stephanie Woods

“During the course I had a bout of depression which I shared with Holly. She made recommendations to alter my food choices, which definitely helped me manage more effectively. I’ve lost inches in my upper body and will definitely continue to use the tools I’ve learned to continue making progress. I no longer have trouble with gas and bloating!”

Nicki Martzoukos